Postgraduate Math Diploma Programme

Here you can find general information about the Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Mathematics. Please visit the Postgraduate Diploma Programme page for more details, including current schedules and how to apply.



Math Diploma Programme Description

The goal of the programme is to prepare students to be competitive applicants to first-rate graduate schools all over the world. Some examples of recent success stories include Math Diploma students going on to join graduate programmes at SISSA (Italy), the University of Edinburgh (UK), Berlin Mathematical School (Germany), University Paris-Dauphine, Paris-Diderot and Paris-Sorbonne (France), and the University of Utah (USA).

The Diploma Programme is an intensive course of study, organized in 2 terms of courses and a summer thesis. In addition, Diploma students attend the Basic Notions Seminar, where short introductions to basic mathematical concepts are presented.

Below is a typical yearly schedule. Follow the link to each course to see past syllabi and videos of the lectures. Go to the Postgraduate Diploma Programme Youtube channel to see more videos.


Typical Math Diploma schedule 

I Term:



Complex Analysis

Number Theory Seminar

Real Analysis

II Term Electives:

Algebraic Topology

Functional Analysis

Differential Geometry

ODE & Dynamical Systems

Representation Theory

Algebraic Geometry

Partial differential equations.

Summer Thesis

After the completion of the courses (including examinations), students are required to work on a dissertation, to be submitted and defended.


Meet some former Diploma Students

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